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3/8"-24 Hex Dimple Bolt Grade 5 Min UTS 140Ksi
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Steel One Nut & Quick Pin Kits

St Rad Rod Kit Thru Stud 24pcs 1Nut
Item #: KS501
Steel Radius Rod & Panhard Bar One Nut Thru Bolt Kit. Includes 6ea. SD501-213 studs, 3 ea. S4NF05001375S short thread fo...  [read more]

St Rad Rod Kit Screw In 18pcs 1 Nut
Item #: KS501S
Steel Radius Rod & Panhard Bar Screw in One Stud Kit. Includes 3ea S4NF05001375 bolts, 6ea SD501-750 studs and 9ea ST364...  [read more]

St Drag & Tie Rod Kit 12pcs 1nut
Item #: KS502
Steel Drag Link And Tie Rod One Nut Stud Kit. Includes 4ea. SD502 studs and 8ea ST364-820G5 steel shear nylock nuts. Stu...  [read more]

St Shox Kit Thru Bolt 24pcs 1 Nut
Item #: KS503
Steel Shock One Nut Thru Bolt Stud Kit. Kit contains 16ea. St364-820G5 steek shear nuts,2ea SD501-213 studs, 2ea SD501-2...  [read more]

St Shox Kit Combo Thru Bolt 2Screw
Item #: KS503C
Steel Shock One Nut Stud Kit. Kit contains 14ea ST364-820G5 steel shear nuts,2ea SD501-213 studs, 2ea SD501-275 studs, 2...  [read more]

St Shox Kit Screw In Stud 24pcs 1nut
Item #: KS503S
Steel Shock One Nut Screw in Stud Kit. Kit contains 10 ea. ST364-820G5 steel shear nuts, 6ea. SD501-750 Studs and 2ea SD...  [read more]

St Rad Rod Q-Pin Thru Bolt Kit
Item #: KS511
Steel Radius Rod & Panhard Bar Quick Pin Stud Kit. Kit contains 8ea ALWASH500750 spacers, 8ea COTTERRUE500 Q-pins, 3ea. ...  [read more]

St Rad Rod Q-Pin Screw In Kit
Item #: KS511S
Steel Radius Rod & Panhard Bar Quick Pin Stud Kit. Includes 8ea. ALWASH500750 alum. Spacer, COTTERRUE500 Q-pins, S4NF050...  [read more]

St Shox Q-Pin Kit Thru Bolt
Item #: KS513
Steel Shock Quick Pin Thru Bolt Stud Kit. Includes 8ea ALWASH500750 Alum. Spacer, 8ea COTTERRUE500 Q-pins , 2ea SD511-21...  [read more]

St Shox Q-Pin Combo Kit 30pcs
Item #: KS513C
Steel Shock Quick Pin Combo Bolt Kit. Includes 8ea ALWASH500750 alum. spacer, 8ea COTTERRUE500 Q-pins, 2ea SD511-213 stu...  [read more]

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