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3/8"-24 Hex Dimple Bolt Grade 5 Min UTS 140Ksi
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2015 SX450 Engine Bolt Kit

2015 SX450 Engine Bolt Kit. The kit contains the following parts. If you wish you can purchase the parts individually from this website. 4ea SHHFM610G13 Valve Cover, 2ea T4HFM6-10X15 Cam Tensioner, 2ea T4HFM6-10X15 Air Mass Sensor, 3ea T4HFM6-10X25 Waterpump Cover, 1ea T4HFM6-10X65 Waterpump Cover, 1ea T4HFM8-12X50 Coolant Drain, 8ea T4HFM6-10X25 Right Side Case, 1ea T4HFM6-10X15 Shifter, 2ea T6HFM5-08X15 Oil Filter, 2ea T4HFM6-10X75 Center Case, 4ea T4HFM6-10X60 Center Case, 5ea T4HFM6-10X40 Center Case, 1ea T4HFM6-10X85 Center Case, 1ea T4HFM6-10X80 Center Case, 3ea T6HFM5-08X15 Leftside Small Cover, 2ea T4HFM6-10X15 Exhaust Flange, 8ea T4HFM6-10X25 Stator Cover, 2ea T4HFM6-10X20 Clutch Cylinder, 1ea T4HFM6-10X30 Clutch Cylinder & Countershaft Cover, 1ea T4HFM6-10X55 Clutch Cover, 1ea T4HFM6-10X60 Clutch Cover, 3ea T4HFM6-10X25 Clutch Cover, 1ea M10HFG Countershaft Sprocket, 2ea T4HFM6-10X25 Electric Starter, 1ea KTMOILPLUG-1 Left Side Finger Screen Oil Drain, 1ea BUTM8-12X20 Front Oil Drain Plug, 1ea T4HFM8-12X30 Back Countet Shaft, 1ea T6HFM5-08X25 Throttle Body Cover, 6 ea M5SHBH645G Fuel Rail Hold Down.

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