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3/8"-24 Hex Dimple Bolt Grade 5 Min UTS 140Ksi
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2018 YZ450F Rear Suspension Titanium Bolt Kit

2018 YZ450F Sub-Frame Titanium Bolt Kit. The kit contains the following parts. If you wish you can purchase parts individually from this website. 4ea. BUTM5-08X10 Brake Line Brackets, 1ea PINM8-12X.625 Rear Brake Caliper Hanger Pin, 1ea PINM12-12.2.165 Rear Brake Caliper Hnager Pin, 2ea BANJOM1012Ti Brake Banjos, 6ea M6FHM12 Rotor Bolts, 2ea T4HFM6-10X12 Rotor Guard, 1ea T4HFM6-10X30 Caliper Guard, 1ea T4HFM6-10X12 Caliper Guard, 6ea DOMFHM8-12X28 Sprocket Bolts, 6ea FWM8-17 Sprocket Washers, 6ea NYNUTHFM812S Sprocket Nuts, 2ea ADJM8-12X55 Chain Adjuster, 2ea NUTHFM8-12 Chain Adjuster & RimLock Nuts, 3ea M5SHBH0170B Chain Rubber, 2ea T4HFM6-10X50 Chain Block, 1ea T4HFM6-10X10 Chain Block, 2ea NYNUTHFM6-10S Chain Block Nuts, 1ea DEEM1012X45 Lower Shock Bolt, 1ea DEEM1012X66 Upper Shock Nut, 2ea NYNUTHFM1012S Shock Bolt Nuts, 3ea FWM14-26 Linkage Washers, 3ea NYNUTHFM14-15 Linlage Nuts, 2ea DEEM16x92 Linkage Bolts, 1ea DEEM1415X132 Linkage To Frame, 1ea NYNUTHFM812S Rim Lock,

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2018 YZ450F Rear Suspension Titanium Bolt Kit YZ450F18RK   Out of Stock - Please Call

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