Mettec has custom manufacturing capabilities

Mettec has worked with many companies to design and produce specialty parts to their exact specifications. From medical prosthetic manufacturers to kitplane builders to professional motocross, sprint car, and yacht racing teams. We can help you with your fastening needs.

When Mettec started in 1995 we focused mainly on Titanium 6Al 4V structural alloy. Over the years Mettec expanded our capabilities into manufacturing high strength steel alloys such as A286, 8740, 4340. Mettec is one of a few companies that can produce structural grade Titanium alloy fasteners at an elevated strength range of 160Ksi (1100Mpa).

Our capabilities include Hot Heading, Centerless Grinding, CNC milling and lathes, thread rolling.

Please forward all drawings and Request For Quotes (RFQ) to and we will provide a timely quote for your next project.