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Looking for corrosion-resistant fairing fasteners? Looking to save weight on your kit plane?

Mettec manufactures our titanium fasteners using the same processes used to make aircraft-quality NAS/AN/MS bolts. Titanium 6Al/4V ASTM B348 Grade 5 is suitable for use in non-structural locations to help improve corrosion resistance and to save weight on your plane when every ounce matters.

Mettec introduced two new head styles for non-structural locations. Our family of Titanium Button Head and 100 Degree Flat/Countersunk Torx Drive bolts (MT526TXXXXXX & TFHXXXXXX ) can replace AN526 pan heads for fairings, inspection covers, pulleys, and interior panel applications. These torx drive socket heads allow for more secure wrenching.

Note: Titanium fasteners are not recommended for structural locations such as wing mounts, horizontal and vertical tail structure mounts, engine mounts, or prop hub bolts.

If you don't see what you need, check our Fasteners page or contact us for a quote at info@mettec.com!

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